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Saora develops innovative application software for Android smartphone platform. Our softwares can be downloaded from Google Play Store (formerly Android Market).


Pronouncing India

Get to know the sound of India. Discover the cultural attributes of India. Learn and learn to understand key phrases and the most important vocabulary in Hindi and their pronunciation.

This app may be extended with a Hindi phrasebook and a Hindi Culture Dictionary which contain more than 1000 phrases and words carefully picked to mirror India's cultural world in language.

Main Detail View Hindi Phrasebook Hindi Culture Dictionary
Main Detail View Hindi Phrasebook Hindi Culture Dictionary

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Hindi Writing Practice

Hindi Writing Practice is an education app for learning the Hindi script.

  1. Writing Practice: Write each letter at a time and listen to its sound.
  2. Listening Practice: Learn the sounds of each letter of the Hindi script. This mode gives you for each (audible) letter its pronunciation.
  3. Exercise: This mode dictates you a word which you are to write.
  4. Look-up: All the vocabulary in the app used is, furthermore, available for look-up or viewed as a list.

Exercise Writing Practice Listening Practice
Exercise Writing Practice Listening Practice

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Japanese Conversation

Japanese Conversation gives you a rich list of phrases used in daily Japanese. Learn how to talk real Japanese, learn it by using it. The phrases and words were carefully picked, categorized and grouped, in order to allow having simple conversations with a Japanese (speaking) person.

Main Phrase List
Exercise Phrase List

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JLPT Practice

JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) is a standardized test for non-native Japanese language speakers. The test covers reading and listening comprehension. JLPT Practice Online offers exercises for learning Japanese, guides, help and an online mock test application. The mock test application is designed to be as close as possible to the actual test.

Application Features

  1. Dictionary
  2. Flash Card
  3. Basic Practice Test
  4. Additional JLPT practice tests N1,N2,N3,N4,N5 can be downloadable from android marketplace.

Online Android Test on Android
Online Android Test on Android

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keeworld Home

keeworld home application provides user with simple and elegant way to interact with your phone.

Application Features

  1. Quick access to important information like contacts,mail,photos,music,videos from home screen
  2. Integrates very well with live wallpaper, widgets
  3. Uncluterd simple home screen with cool graphics
  4. User selectable themes
  5. Integrates with social networks like Facebook, Twitter
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keeworld Home Themes

Themes for keeworld home applications

Bamboo Tuberose NavyxCharcoalcheck BeigexBlack check Ocean

Enjoy a green-coloured theme that will give you a feeling of serenity.


A soft pink colored theme designed around tuberose.


A checkered theme with a dark, earth-bound feeling.

BeigexBlack check

This one is a darker style that resembles the Tartan Check.


This theme was made with special care to bring you something you will always cherish.

Moon Swarrowtail Butterfly Weeping Cherry Dreaming Kitten Fujin and Raijin

A Japanese styled moon viewing theme.

Swarrowtail Butterfly

Floating butterflies and swallowtails.

Weeping Cherry

A simple and pretty flower based theme.

Dreaming Kitten

A pretty kitten based theme

Fujin and Raijin

Japanese artist Tawaraya's Great works.

RedFuji Orange

Japanese artist Hokusai's Great works.


Symbolizing a crisp and fresh morning.

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Saora Themes

Themes for PandaHome, aHome, OpenHome applications

Weeping Cherry
Weeping Cherry

Japanese weeping cherry based theme.

Argentina Australia England Spain Germany

FIFA World Cup 2010 Argentina theme.


FIFA World Cup 2010 Australia theme.


FIFA World Cup 2010 England theme.


FIFA World Cup 2010 Spain theme.


FIFA World Cup 2010 Germany theme.

Korea Republic France Japan Netherlands South Africa
Korea Republic

FIFA World Cup 2010 Korea Republic theme.


FIFA World Cup 2010 France theme.


FIFA World Cup 2010 Japan theme.


FIFA World Cup 2010 Netherlands theme.

South Africa

FIFA World Cup 2010 South Africa theme.

USA Tuberose pink

FIFA World Cup 2010 USA theme.

Tuberose pink

This theme is a soft pink colored theme designed around tuberose.